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Powering Colorado’s 24/7 Human Trafficking Hotline

Today’s post “Powering Colorado’s 24/7 Human Trafficking Hotline” was written in collaboration with Angela Cho, a student and member of the PR Lab team at MSU Denver. The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking’s Momentum Campaign runs through December 18th. Find out how you can increase the momentum to end human trafficking today by visiting


If you or someone you’ve witnessed could be a victim of human trafficking, contact Colorado’s Human Trafficking Hotline (CoNEHT) at 1-866-455-5075.

Human trafficking is one of the most serious human rights violations in modern times. While movies and television may lead you to believe this is only happening in far-off places and foreign countries, Colorado is not immune to the problem. Both labor and sex trafficking do occur in our state.  The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking operates Colorado’s only dedicated 24/7 human trafficking hotline. This resource exists to increase access to services for individuals experiencing trafficking and to develop community-based agencies across Colorado as they address human exploitation.


Learn how we’re increasing momentum to end trafficking with with Amber and Madison, two of our incredible Hotline Advocates:


Helping Those Most At Risk

Colorado’s Human Trafficking Hotline helps people report possible human trafficking situations and connects victims with resources to help them escape their abusers and restart their lives. So far this year, the hotline has received over 550 calls, more than 1/3 from human trafficking survivors. And the numbers keep growing. The good news? You can help.


Support Colorado’s Human Trafficking Hotline Today!


Whether you or someone you know may be a victim of this kind of exploitation, intimidation can be a powerful deterrent to reporting. But the Colorado Human Trafficking Hotline is here to help. The service has access to language interpretation and translation services in over 200 languages. Volunteer advocates are equipped to connect callers with a variety of social and legal services, 24/7.  In fact, this critical service is backed by over 200 statewide resource agencies, including lead partners like Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMAIN) and Colorado Legal Services.  More than 60 vetted resource agencies were added in 2018.

CoNEHT Hotline - 1-866-455-5075

Colorado counties that added the most hotline resources in 2018 include:

  • Pueblo County: 12

  • Mesa County: 8

  • La Plata County: 7

  • Logan + Yuma Counties: 4


How You Can Help

  1. VOLUNTEER: An essential component of this expansion are the people who volunteer. Our advocates have grown to 45 and we are honored by their dedication to end human trafficking. Want to know what it takes to be an advocate? Learn more here.
  2. BECOME A RESOURCE AGENCY: In 2019, we plan to increase coverage throughout Colorado through the addition of more resource agencies, particularly in mountain/rural areas of the state. We will continue offering new network partners free service provider training. If you or an agency you know offers relevant anti-trafficking services, sign up here.
  3. DONATE TODAY: One of the big things we need support for next year is the launch of a new textline service to help more vulnerable populations connect with resources. And today, your donation can help make that possible.