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Exploitation didn’t stop for the pandemic. That’s why we need your support to help us lead anti-trafficking efforts during and beyond this unprecedented crisis.




Powers one day of LCHT’s hotline and new text line service, connecting up to 5 inquiries with support and local resources


Sponsors a survivor to participate in LCHT’s Leadership Development Program for two weeks


Provides one “Human Trafficking 101” training to 25 people in a community group or professional agency


Supports one Colorado community forum to gather local leaders and determine anti-trafficking actions based on LCHT’s Colorado Project 2.0 Research



The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking’s commitment to creating and reinforcing just systems is evidenced through their holistic, big picture, approach to social change. The LCHT team understands the connection between compassion, knowledge, grassroots actions and comprehensive research.

Heather Brydie Harris

I have never worked with an organization so dedicated to their values… the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking not only teaches compassionate leadership, they demonstrate it in their work. Their Leadership Development Program enhanced my understanding of human trafficking, survivorship, intersectionality, and exploitation, as well as developed my advocacy, critical thinking, and leadership skills.

Allyssa MacAllister

The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking is an outstanding organization that upholds the best ideals of non-profit stewardship and service – meaningful, intentional, data-driven, and outcome-oriented investment in the local community and the development of replicable models that hope to end the scourge of human trafficking.

Amanda Gall