The Colorado Project 2019

About the project

What would it take to end human trafficking in Colorado? The Colorado Project to Comprehensively Combat Human Trafficking 2.0 (CP2.0) empowers communities and professionals involved in addressing this human rights abuse.

Building on the foundational work of The Colorado Project 1.0, the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking visited 20 unique communities in 2018 in order to assess changes in the statewide movement, document successful strategies, name promising practices, and design a new set of actionable recommendations to advance anti-trafficking efforts in Colorado and beyond.

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Executive Summary

Action Plan

Regional Community Profiles

Region 1

SE CO / Greater Pueblo

Region 2

Northern CO

Region 3

Denver Metro

Region 4

Greater Colorado Springs

Region 5

Southwest CO

Region 6

Northern Mountains / NW CO

Region 7

Western Slope

Colorado Project 2.0 Process Overview

Our approach to research

Community Based

LCHT utilizes a Participatory Action Research approach to foster community action. This recognized form of research focuses on the effect of the researcher’s direct action of practice within a participatory community with the goal of improving the performance quality of the community or an area of concern.


LCHT promotes diverse research participation among academics, activists, community service providers, law enforcement, survivors, and volunteers. We also integrate the expertise of coalitions, organizations, and individuals working on the ground in the anti-trafficking movement and related fields, as they are the most appropriate to inform promising practices.

Toward a Solution

Where solutions to human rights issues often tend to be short-term, band-aid fixes, LCHT’s research instead seeks to create systemic solutions that accelerate long-lasting change by developing a clearer understanding of what is working in the field. We seek to identify promising practices in anti-trafficking and share them with our partners.

Research with the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

We’re contributing data-driven insights to the broader anti-trafficking movement to advance a comprehensive response.

“LCHT’s research supports Colorado communities with the tools that they already proudly possess to address human trafficking. The Colorado Project helps our state move beyond best guesses and assumptions so that we can make data-informed decisions together.”

AJ Alejano-Steele