Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

Ashley Hunt

Leadership and Engagement Manager

Ashley Hunt holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution with a focus on Peace Education from Portland State University. She has over seven years’ experience facilitating trainings on topics of violence prevention, anti-oppression, and social justice. For the last five years, she has served as a sexual assault victim advocate and prevention educator, both within community-based sexual assault programs and higher education settings. As a victim advocate, she primarily served LGBTQ+ survivors, incarcerated survivors, and college-aged youth. Most recently, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she managed an online violence prevention program administered to 4,000 students each year and led program evaluation efforts to ensure the program met the needs of students disproportionately impacted by violence, specifically students with marginalized identities. While at UW-Madison she also supervised and mentored a feminist activist organization dedicated to ending violence, instructed a course for fraternity men through the School of Social Work to support their engagement in the anti-violence movement, and was a leader in diversity, equity, and social justice initiatives across campus.

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