Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

Aims Babich

Program Coordinator

Aims Babich received their B.A. in Psychology from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, with a minor in Integrative Healthcare. Aims’s passion in working with nonprofits began at a young age and has continued to shape and evolve from volunteer work, to training and education, and program coordination. They have dedicated much of their life to advocacy and outreach in human rights movements, LGBTQ+ issues, supporting survivors of various lived experiences, and mental health & suicide awareness. They also have experience as a Mentorship Program Coordinator with the Eating Disorder Foundation, and managed volunteers in recovery from eating disorders and individuals who were actively struggling. In addition, Aims has spent many years studying and practicing various forms of specialized, trauma-informed care, which has allowed them to offer intentional and individualized support to survivors in their own private practice. 720.773.8630
Headshot of Aims Babich, LCHT staff member

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