The Colorado Project



Beginning in 2010, LCHT led a three-year, interdisciplinary research project known as The Colorado Project. The project considered the landscape of scattered efforts, frustrated communities cobbling resources to combat a vast and complex problem, victims falling through the cracks, and traffickers escaping punishment. The ultimate goal of the research was to develop sustainable efforts to end human trafficking with the essential input of those working on the ground. In order to achieve this, The Colorado Project assessed the ongoing anti-trafficking efforts in the state of Colorado in order to understand if and how Colorado addressed prevention, prosecution, protection, and partnerships (4 Ps).

The results of The Colorado Project have informed anti-trafficking efforts in Colorado and created a replicable process for other states to conduct assessments of their own communities. The impact of the research continues to be foundational to the efforts of LCHT and its partners. This is most clearly visible in the Colorado Action Plan which was produced at the close of the project through the collaboration of the state and national advisory board.

The Colorado Project

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