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Community Needs Assessment (CNA) Project


We do not currently provide results to the public from our CNA Project. If you have a specific inquiry related to this project, please contact us:


Through the Community Needs Assessment (CNA) Project, the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking assessed levels of knowledge and awareness surrounding the complex crime of human trafficking in Colorado. Additionally, LCHT coordinated with local anti-trafficking leaders to provide information needed to create a roadmap for service provision, training, technical assistance and coalition-building activities. As a result, LCHT provided Colorado communities with a better understanding of the prevalence of human trafficking in the area and insights into the different forms of trafficking taking place.

LCHT conducted CNAs in several communities throughout Colorado, including Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Englewood, and Fort Collins. As a means of increasing community ownership and project sustainability, 75 individuals were trained to conduct the CNA surveys. The goals of the Colorado CNAs Project were:

  • To facilitate the enhanced coordination and provision of services to victims of human trafficking statewide in Colorado
  • To identify current resources available to serve trafficking victims
  • To better understand the scope and nature of human trafficking
  • To inform future public awareness, training, and technical assistance activities
  • To describe current barriers and challenges that inhibit the effectiveness of a community response and,
  • To inform the creation of protocols to facilitate coordination of services provided by the Colorado Network to End Human Trafficking (CoNEHT)

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