The Colorado Project 2.0



What would it take to end human trafficking in Colorado? The Colorado Project to Comprehensively Combat Human Trafficking 2.0 (CP2.0) empowers communities and professionals involved in addressing this human rights abuse. Building on the foundational work of The Colorado Project 1.0, the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking visited 20 unique communities in 2018 in order to assess changes in the statewide movement, document successful strategies, name promising practices, and design a new set of actionable recommendations to advance anti-trafficking efforts in Colorado and beyond. The full report and action plan were released in 2019.


The Colorado Action Plan 2.0 (2019) recommendations were developed by a diverse group of survivors, practitioners, law enforcement professionals, and advocates from across Colorado after reviewing Colorado Project 2.0 data. Special attention and consideration were given to create trauma-informed and survivor-centered recommendations. The Colorado Action Plan 2.0 celebrates Colorado’s growing anti-trafficking movement, and our collective efforts to comprehensively address human trafficking.

CP2.0 - Process Overview
CP2.0 Timeline

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