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Join our Lab Catalyst sustainer community at LCHT! You’ll provide critical resources to survivors—and prevent future cases of sex and labor exploitation. A commitment of just $10/month helps fight this human rights abuse all year long!

Become a Lab Catalyst

Why Lab Catalysts give

“The students and families I work with mostly live below the poverty line, including families who have migrated to Colorado from another country. I know this population is especially vulnerable to sex and labor trafficking. Supporting the work year round is a systematic way to ensure LCHT can sustain this work.”

Marcus Bratton

Lab Catalyst Donor

“I care about this issue because I believe it is our duty as humans to ensure everyone has access to human rights and social justice. I believe in LCHT’s mission, and I believe that mission is worth supporting all year long.

Camiece Kirsten

Lab Catalyst Donor

“Everyone thinks that taking advantage of kids and vulnerable people for sex or not paying workers for the work they did is wrong. While a small monthly donation might not cure the problem, combined with others, it will make a difference.

Woody Wood

Lab Catalyst Donor

Your monthly gift will have a big impact — see how:

Support a Hotline Caller

Helps two survivors access vital support and access to essential resources through Colorado’s Human Trafficking Hotline

Train a Frontline Professional

Allows one frontline professional to receive anti-trafficking training, empowering them to recognize and respond to exploitation in their job

Sponsor a Survivor Leader

Supports one survivor leader in co-facilitating training sessions, educating hotline volunteers, and contributing to LCHT’s research projects