“The training enabled me to consider the labor aspect of human trafficking, which I really had not considered much before. It allowed me to develop a plan of action to train our clinical team to address these issues nonjudgmentally— with compassion and empathy. It also taught our staff members to address any human trafficking issues that our patients may present with during treatment planning.”

Dianne Hayhurst-Vigil, Crossroads Turning Points

“LCHT’s training was incredibly valuable to our staff and volunteers. We gained a concrete understanding of how trafficking is defined. We were given tools to initiate conversations with young people who may be involved in trafficking or at risk for this crime. Because we provide advocacy services for children who are abused and/or neglected by their caretakers this training was particularly important for us and broadened our lens.”

Kelly Miller, CASA of the Continental Divide

“I was fortunate to attend a Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking training. The information will inform our health care providers and staff about the prevalence and impact of trafficking in Colorado. I feel much more prepared to identify and respond to patients who may be in danger. I am very grateful for LCHT’s training opportunities and the important work they do in our community.”

Lisa Filipczak, Public Health Clinic Administrator