“LCHT has shown me what true partnership means. Human rights work can only move forward through collaboration and trusting relationships. I have learned that there is room for love, self-care, support, and trust even when you are working to combat such a terrible crime.”

Natcha S., 2022 LCHT Intern

“I recently completed an internship at The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking (LCHT) and I am beyond grateful to have learned so much with an experienced and caring staff! They use evidence-based and trauma-informed practices to drive their work. They are dedicated to making a difference in anti-trafficking and helping break down the stigmas associated with human trafficking.I am very appreciative of the work that they do and their approach to a difficult issue.”

Siraaj S., 2022 LCHT Intern

“I entered LCHT’s Leadership Development Program to learn more about how law enforcement can be better leveraged to identify survivors and bring traffickers to justice. We all can do our part to affect change, beginning with educating ourselves about what trafficking is, how it happens, and what we can do to stop it. My work with LCHT has been instrumental in my education about this systemic issue.”

Danny T., 2022 LCHT Intern