Street's Hope
Additional Information
Mission Statement

Street’s Hope provides services designed to support and empower people who have experienced human trafficking.

Services Provided

We provide intensive case management and mental health services in a “one-stop shop” environment in a confidential location that is safe, quiet and trauma informed. As part of our services we maintain a small resource bank and offer survivor support and mental health groups, as well as some on-site employment opportunities. We work closely with other trusted service providers in order to achieve a wrap around services option for those who desire such services. We have received multi-year funding to develop a peer support program. We believe in voluntad, which is the human ability and right to choose with freedom and dignity. We believe that while we can share resources and information, each survivor is the expert of their own life and deserves the chance to exercise and develop agency, self determination and a vision for the future. We seek to empower this in every survivor.

Language Capacity
English, Language line/Interpreter
Ages Served
Adults, Minors
Genders Served
All genders served
Sensitive To
LGBTQIA+, Individuals w/disabilities, Individuals w/limited English proficiency, Refugees/Asylees
Insurance Required
Specific Paperwork Required for Services
Services Provided if Legal Status is Unclear