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Safehouse Denver
Mission statement

SafeHouse Denver assists adults, children and youth in reclaiming their right to a life free from domestic violence.

Brief description of services provided

SafeHouse Denver works to eliminate domestic violence in our communities by:
*providing shelter and counseling to survivors of abuse;
*working with public and community agencies to improve the way our systems respond to DV;
*and by offering educational programming to prevent future violence.

SafeHouse Denver’s shelter has 30 beds plus cribs, serving more than 250 adults and children in a typical year. In addition, SafeHouse serves hundreds more adults, children and youth through non-residential services. More than just keeping survivors safe, SafeHouse services include individual counseling, advocacy support groups and referrals to other services.

Type of organization
Basic Case Management (ongoing)
Safehouse Shelter
Social/Emotional Support
Good to know (internal only)

Need for Shelter must be IPV-related. Past HT Client feedback: can’t relate/services irrelevant.

No ID req. Undoc ok. *All services available in English & Spanish* In-person volunteer translators

Sensitive to LGBTQ+, BIPOC, & Autism. 

Extended stay (1-3 months) ONLY for shelter guests with a solid housing plan and income.


  • Full most nights with sporadic openings.
  • Will share bed availability with Advocate, but prefer survivor calls.
  • Phone Screen required.  
  • 24/7 Intake & Arrival
Service details (internal only)

Type: Confidential DV Safehouse Stay: 30 day (possible ext) Space: Shared Rooms (1-3/rm) Families have own rm. Safety: 24/7 staff on-site. Overnight Alarm (12a-6a). Reqs: chores, No pets – Partner w Denver Animal Shelter Safe Haven Program for sheltering (space permitting). ADA: Accessible, Service Animals ok.


Additional Services at Resource Center (call 24/7 Hotline for Referral) – advocacy, non-clinical counseling, support groups, case management

24/7 Crisis phone number:

Additional Information

Ages served
Adults, Accompanied minors
Ages served - specifics
Adults, Accompanied children, Emancipated Minors
Genders served
All Genders
Specializations/Sensitive to
LGBTQ+, Survivors of DV-SA-IPV
Language capacity
Language Line Support, English, Spanish
Faith-based organization
Insurance required?
Services provided if legal status is unclear

Hours of Operation