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Mission Statement

To form empowering and restorative relationships with sexually exploited survivors through mentoring, cosmetology and fashion services, and court support advocacy.

Services Provided

The goal for the Re-fined Mentoring Program is to provide support to Mentors who have committed to walking alongside survivors of exploitation in their healing journey. Mentor Advocates provide encouragement, resources, education, tools and discipleship to better equip them in their relationship with survivors. While the Mentoring Program provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in a survivors healing journey; Re-fined’s Styling Program provides services and resources to restore their dignity and self-worth through cosmetology and fashion. Re-fined partners with salons in the community to offer services free of charge for job interviews, graduations, and milestone achievements for participants in stabilization housing. The Court Support Program couples empowerment and confidence to support survivors with their appearance related needs for court dates and trials. This program provides invaluable courage to victims, giving them an inner strength to fight for justice; while instilling in them words of truth and hope for their future.

Language Capacity
English, Spanish
Ages Served
Adults, Minors
Genders Served
All gender identities served
Faith-based Organization
Insurance Required
Specific Paperwork Required for Services
Services Provided if Legal Status is Unclear