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Centering Survivors in the Anti-Trafficking Movement: Survivor-Driven Policy Suggestions

Today’s guest post comes from Julia Owen, a recent alumni of LCHT’s Leadership Development Program. Julia works professionally in the immigration field in Colorado. Her suggestions around survivor-driven policy came through an independent review of survivor-led resources as well as input from existing survivor leaders. While the anti-trafficking field is

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Survivor Leadership in the United States

When we set out in 2005 to respond to human trafficking in Colorado, very few survivors of the crime were publicly leading and informing the anti-trafficking movement. In part, this low participation was because of the very nature of how the movement evolved.  Consider the fact that the first legislation defining

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Survivorship and Human Trafficking

Survivorship and Human Trafficking Consider for a moment what it would be like to survive a crime that destroys your identity, your community, and your sense of self.  Survivorship of human trafficking is traditionally understood in terms of crisis services and the provision of other immediate needs such as food,

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