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Turning Research into Action with the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

My name is Kristen Anna, and I am a research intern at the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking (LCHT). My experience participating in LCHT’s Leadership Development Program this summer has been fascinating, eye-opening, occasionally confusing, and wonderful. The main reason I was drawn to LCHT was because I was on

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First Responders: The Potential to Disrupt Trafficking

The first responder—the firefighter, EMT, and paramedic—is out in the community and interacting with people every day. They are entering people’s homes, going into warehouses, inspecting restaurants, visiting homeless shelters, trekking into impromptu camps along creeks and rivers, and entering farms and ranches all around the state. First responders are

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Trending Up: Connections to Anti-Trafficking Resources in Colorado

A Colorado Network to End Human Trafficking The Colorado Network to End Human Trafficking (CoNEHT) was formed in 2005 as a statewide collaborative of organizations that support the mission to provide a safe and appropriate response to human trafficking in the state.  CoNEHT began operation of the statewide human trafficking

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Data Potential: How Research Can Turn Trafficking Upside Down

Utilizing Data, Upending Human Exploitation Big data and analytics are all the rage these days. You hear it in every commercial, every business, government, and nonprofit organizations preaching best practices and data utilization. But it isn’t always clear how organizations use that data to improve service, performance, or make a

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