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Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center (RMVLC)
Mission statement

RMvlc exists to elevate victims’ voices, champion victims’ rights, and transform the systems impacting them.

Brief description of services provided

Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center (RMvlc) provides a broad range of legal services to victims of crime in Colorado and to other services providers who work with victims of crime. The legal needs of victims of crime can be complex and varied. RMvlc’s services are designed to meet a broad range of needs and include providing legal information and referrals, limited assistance and consultation on legal issues, pro-bono legal representation, and training and outreach. RMvlc’s services are free to victims of crime and services providers and are available in all 22 of Colorado’s judicial districts.

Good to know (internal only)
  • Legal need must be related to victimization and connected to Colorado in some way (resident of or crime occurred in).
    • Not eligible if already have an attorney.
  • Serves victims of any crime.
  • Adults & Minors: 14+ w parental consent, 16+ without
  • No criminal defense, no family law (w/ exception of post-decree), no immigration.

Referrals & Intake (no walk-ins)

  1. Provide phone number or warm handoff;
  2. Outreach to survivor available
    1. Need survivor’s name, contact info, brief description of issue, and, if available, the other party’s (perp) name and date of birth
  3. Online form to determine eligibility

    1. If eligible: will be prompted to call or complete intake form online
  4. LINC assistance available as tool at
  5. Can email for more info (Response time: ~5 days)
Service details (internal only)

Provides Advocacy, Assistance, and Representation for Victims in Criminal, Title IX, and Post-decree Family Law Cases and Assistance for Victims with related Civil Law Needs

  • Victim Rights Legal Services (VRLA): advocacy, asst, and representation for Victims, including court system navigation, asst getting info about a case, and representation related to Colorado VRA rights and protection of privacy
    • Title IX Services: accommodation access asst, representation during Title IX proceedings, asst w appeals
  • Project Attorney Connect (PAC): contracted attorneys provide free legal services for post-decree family law cases
  • Legal Info Network of Colorado (LINC): customized info & resources related to civil legal needs using online tool, some civil asst may be available in-house

Services available

Additional Information

Ages served
Adults, Unaccompanied minors, Accompanied minors
Genders served
All Genders
Specializations/Sensitive to
Individuals experiencing homelessness, Refugees, Limited English proficient individuals, Victims of crime
Language capacity
English, Spanish, French
Faith-based organization
Insurance required?
Services provided if legal status is unclear

Hours of Operation

8:30 am - 5:00 pm
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
8:30 am - 5:00 pm