Advocate Directory

Advocates for a Violence Free Community
Mission statement

To end domestic and sexual violence in the Grand County community through victim support services, information, prevention education and community awareness.

Brief description of services provided

Advocates for a Violence Free Community serves survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault through the following programs: Emergency Safehousing, Safehousing at Sprout House, Safety Planning, On and Off Scene Crisis Intervention, Courtroom Advocacy, Assistance With Restraining Orders, Medical Advocacy, Counseling Referrals and Assistance, Relocation Assistance, Referrals and Information, Community Outreach and Education, Support Groups and Address Confidentiality Assistance

Good to know (internal only)
  • Primarily serves Grand County but will accept statewide – DV/SA/Sex Trafficking Only
    • Limited services nearby – no bus, daycare, addiction support
  • Men and non-bio females sheltered at partner hotel – space permitting (resort area – rarely avail rooms)
  • Can also provide 1-2 night hotel for survivors in crisis/fleeing/passing through
  • Pets: Animal shelter partner provide 1wk pet care when space (rarely space avail)
  • Language Capacity: Spanish & French available on Crisis Line only

Other Services –

  • On-Scene Crisis Intervention – only avail if perp has been arrested or w LE on-site
  • Relocation Asst – must have connect to Grand County (resident or passing through)
  • Rent/Utility Asst – need must be related to abuse


  • Usually full (depending on season) ~1-3 rm/mo avail, will share bed avail w advocate
  • Phone & In-person screening req – phone screen 24/7, will put in hotel until in-person screen possible (all crisis line volunteers can book hotels)
  • ID asked for but not required
  • Transport sometimes avail
Service details (internal only)
  • Type: DV/SA Safehouse for Single Women & Women w Children; Men/Other Genders sheltered in hotel room
  • Stay: up to 4 months (ext possible)
  • Space: own room & bath, shared common areas + 2 fridges & laundry; no one enters room unless child abuse/sub use suspected
  • Storage/Belongings: No restrict on reasonable items – store belongings in room + outdoor shed
  • ADA: No – house accessible but shelter rooms are upstairs
  • Safety: Unstaffed overnight/bad weather days; outdoor cams; alarm system
  • Pets: No, Service Animals Only w proof/Dr note (no emo support)
  • Rules/Reqs: 10pm curfew (exceptions permitted); No drink/sub use on property; Service Reqs – weekly CM, Indiv therapy

Addt’l Services:

  • Case Management (current/past residents only), Resource Nav (Non-Res)
  • Accompaniment (med/court)
  • Non-clinical Support Group (weekly, female-ID only)
  • Therapy asst (will help pay)
  • Basic Needs Asst (grocery & gas gift cards, new clothing (all age/genders), hygiene, food pantry)

Services available

Basic Needs Assistance
Food assistance, Clothing bank, Financial assistance
Case Management
Basic case management, Resource navigation
Crisis Services
On call advocates
Safehouse shelter
Transportation Assistance
Financial assistance (train/bus/plane tickets), Relocation assistance into/out of Colorado

Additional Information

Ages served
Adults, Accompanied minors
Genders served
All Genders
Language capacity
Faith-based organization
Insurance required?
Services provided if legal status is unclear

Hours of Operation

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm