Katlyn Pryshlak

Hotline and Advocacy Manager

Katlyn Pryshlak

Katlyn Pryshlak (She/Her) is the Hotline and Advocacy Manager for the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking. She holds a Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from Buffalo State College.

Prior to moving to Colorado, Katlyn worked with various organizations including the Moab Valley Multicultural Center, Journey’s End Refugee Services, and Buffalo State College. She has held diverse roles focusing on volunteer management, sales and recruitment, program development, language access, and DEI.

Volunteerism is very important to Katlyn and she previously worked on a hotline for detained and undocumented immigrants. She is interested in immigrant/refugee rights, community collaboration, and creative policy solutions. When not working, Katlyn enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, reading, cooking and hanging out with her pet rabbit, Taco.